Honma Beres Golfclubs

When people generally talk about Honma golf clubs today, they usually mean Honma Beres. The Beres line is basically what Honma has stood for since day one: High quality golf clubs with especially light and soft shafts and which are as easy to play as possible. These clubs are only interesting for players with below average club head speeds. This is because they benefit from the very strengths of Beres clubs. And Honma is not exactly known for cheap clubs either. On the contrary. Honma is one of the most expensive manufacturers in the industry – at least as far as the Beres range is concerned. They can be purchased up to 5 stars, which is reflected in the price.

The Honma Beres Shafts

We are often asked why one should choose Honma Beres and our answer is the following: Honma makes higher quality shafts than any other manufacturer – at least in the segment of extremely light and soft shafts. The art is to produce a light and soft shaft that still has good torque values. And this is exactly what Honma achieves with its own and hand-made shafts like no other. The Vizard shafts used in the Beres have a maximum weight of 47g. Even the 2 star version is already very high quality and without competition. The higher the number of stars, the higher the quality of the shaft. Whereby we must honestly say that the 3 star version is absolutely sufficient for most players. For 5 star shafts, for example, Honma needs 8 weeks in production and has the shafts subjected to quality tests by over 100 employees. Here you can be sure to get only the best of the best – but it also has its price.

Complete Beres Sets

Another advantage of Beres is that the entire set is coordinated. Beres players usually don’t just buy a driver or set of irons, but everything from driver to sand wedge and sometimes even the Beres putter. With the latter it is not so important that the putter is matched to the set, but some people like it consistent. If you put your clubs together from different manufacturers you have the problem that the clubs can only be matched if you have them checked by a professional club maker. Things like loft, lie, swing weight, shaft length, total weight, etc. must fit. If your set consists of clubs from three different manufacturers this is practically impossible.

With Honma Beres and also the XP1 the principle is always that it must be possible to obtain a complete set. As a rule you should make use of this possibility. And if this is not an option, you should at least give us the opportunity to control and adapt your set.

Honma Beres Drivers and Woods

The new Honma Beres drivers, woods and hybrids differ significantly from their predecessors. Not only visually after the Honma logo has been engraved on the clubface, but also in regards to playability. Because there is hardly any other club that is so strongly focused on anti-slice as this one. Honma focuses 100% on its target players. And they swing with a relatively low club head speed and usually strongly from the outside to the inside. A slice is the consequence that is not only far from the direction, but can also be anything but long. The new Honma Beres strongly counteract this – with a lot of offset and a clearly closed clubface position. In addition, the center of gravity in the clubhead is as close to the shaft as possible, which helps to keep the clubface closed at impact. So you could say that the Honma Beres are the ultimate slice killer.

Apart from that, Honma relies on the well-proven concept of making the launch as easy as possible and maximizing ball speed – especially for shots with low clubhead speed. Honma has been doing this very well for decades and there will only be small improvements compared to the predecessors.

Honma Beres Irons

In principle, the irons are connected to the woods. Again, the recipe is to simplify the launch and maximize ball speed. It is also about providing a sweetspot that is as large as possible and a wide sole to minimize interaction with the turf. There are also many other irons that are built on the same principle and do their job. In some respects, however, the Beres irons are much better, especially in terms of ball speed and launch. So if you need such a “Game Improvement” iron, the Honma Beres are the best choice.

What’s with the Honma Stars?

What the Honma Beres stars are about we have already explained in detail in this article. In short, it is mainly the quality of the shafts that increases with the stars. The standard version is 2 star Beres and the maximum 5 stars, but most players vary between 2 and 3 stars because the difference is noticeable here. For example, the 3-star irons are a bit softer than the 2-star irons. And the 3-star Beres for men are available in two different shaft weights. When it comes to 4 or 5 stars, you not only pay for the valuable materials such as gold, but also for the high quality standards of the shafts. Because to produce a 5 star shaft, an extremely large amount of work is required. Usually you are already well served with the 2 or 3 star version – everything else is luxury.