The Honma TWorld series will be discontinued in the 2021 season and replaced by the Tour Release series. The TWorld 747 were thus the last TWorlds from Honma. Many players wonder why Honma decided to take this step, because the TWorlds were very good clubs with a very satisfied base of players. In the end it is mainly about the US market in which Honma has not yet been able to gain a foothold. While Honma is one of the leading manufacturers in Asia, sales figures in North America are still below expectations. Therefore Honma wants to address the American market with the Tour Release series. Whether they will be successful with it remains to be seen. We consider the Honma TR to be a worthy successor to the TWorld with many important improvements.

Let’s take another look at the Honma TWorld, which is still available (as of November 2020). Although the stock in Europe is already heavily used up, we can still obtain all clubs from Japan. Also no wedge has been introduced for the Tour Release series yet, so the TWorld 747 wedge is still the latest Honma wedge.

TWorld Irons

The TWorlds have covered the market with four different iron heads: a blade, a sporty cavity back, a less sporty cavity back and a “two piece” construction for more forgiveness. The TW747 P was the last of these irons and has convinced our players all along the line. The 747P was our absolute top seller in the 2019 season – especially because of the high quality Vizard Graphite shafts which were perfectly matched to this clubhead.

Also very successful was the 747 V iron – a hand-forged, classic cavity back iron made of soft steel. This iron also found its buyers with many sporty players. Especially because it could be combined with steel shafts of many different high-quality manufacturers such as Nippon, KBS, Dynamic Gold, Project X, etc.

The same was also true for the Blade version, the Rose Proto. The Rose Proto of the 747 series was a joint production with Justin Rose, who was then still under contract with Honma. Together with Honma he had the possibility to develop an iron exactly according to his ideas. Nevertheless the ways of Rose and Honma separated again, but the Rose Proto remained. It had a clear influence on the development of its unofficial successor, the Honma TR20 B.

TWorld Driver

As far as drivers were concerned, Honma used two different sized clubheads with 455cc and 460cc for the TWorlds. The 455cc version, as well as its successor TR20 440, were also developed together with Justin Rose. The head shapes of these two drivers correspond exactly to his ideas of a perfect driver. With the TWorlds Honma has improved enormously, especially in terms of drivers. One must honestly say that driver and woods were not the absolute core competence of Honma. However, this has changed with the 747 series at the latest and these driver heads – as well as the tour release drivers and woods – won’t have to fear any competitor. Honma also manages to implement the so important combination of maximum ball speed, high MOI and minimum spin. This was already the case with the 747 driver and is especially true for the TR20 driver.

TWorld Woods and Hybrids

A small disadvantage of the 747 woods and hybrids has now been eliminated with the new Tour Release series. All TWorld woods and hybrids did not have an adjustable hosel to adjust the loft, lie and face. It was also not possible to adjust the swing weight with the help of weight screws. Both is now possible with the TR21 woods and hybrids.