We all know the feeling of a really bad round of golf. Nothing works no matter what you do and at hole 16 you swear to yourself to never again pick up a club. In the evening you are puzzling and ask yourself what it was all about. And whether you should pick up your clubs again next week. Of course you will, but the question is whether the clubs are the right ones.

If you buy clubs of the big manufacturers in a pro shop or on the internet today, chances are that they are not the right clubs for you. The problem is this: these big manufacturers are designed to satisfy the masses and that means to produce as many clubs and shafts as possible at the lowest cost and as many as possible in the same configurations. The choice is accordingly limited and you have to be satisfied with “the standard” – even if this standard may be completely unsuitable for the respective player.

Apart from this, the large manufacturers have some verifiable “quality problems” that make it much more difficult to actually provide suitable golf clubs. These are for example:

  • Fault tolerance for loft and lie: The loft in particular is not as it should be with many clubs, which leads to gaps between the clubs being too large or small. Two degrees more with a 6 iron and two degrees less with a 7 iron (which we have definitely measured before) means that you have the same club in the bag twice.
  • Tolerance for errors in head weights: Sometimes the weight gradations of the club heads vary so much that each club has a different swing weight.
  • OEM shafts of inferior quality: Unfortunately, it is common practice for large manufacturers to equip themselves with the shafts of well-known manufacturers. The problem is that these are not the original shafts but “Made for shafts” in inferior quality. Again, the fluctuations between the shafts, especially in the graphite range, are too great to provide a suitable set of clubs.
  • Low costs vs. quality: Most of the irons and wedges of the big manufacturers are made of the cheapest industrial steel. Mostly cast instead of forged. The manufacturers are mainly interested in low unit costs in low-wage countries like China.
  • Club heads not adaptable: Another disadvantage of hard industrial steel and cast heads is that loft and lie cannot be changed. So you cannot simply add 1° loft or change the lie by 1°.

Our vision is to equip every player with exactly fitting clubs. And this is only possible if we work with manufacturers where the above mentioned problems do not occur. These may not always be the best known manufacturers, but this is mainly due to a lack of marketing and because none of these manufacturers sponsor Tour Pros. For example, it is an open secret that Tiger Woods played Miura irons with a Titleist logo in his prime.

All our brands like Honma, Miura, Mizuno or Srixon have in common that they place great value on quality and have an extremely low margin for errors. For example, we can be sure that a Miura iron will weigh 271g or has 31° loft. Or that Honma only uses its own and extremely high quality shafts. Or that a Miura club head is soft enough to be drilled out to achieve the correct swing weight. Almost all clubheads are forged from soft steel. Not only do they feel much softer, they are also easy to adjust. We can adjust the loft and lie by several degrees – just as the player needs it – as often as we want.

In addition, we use almost exclusively original shafts from well-known manufacturers and not OEM shafts like large manufacturers. Original shafts are a bit more expensive to buy, but the surcharge is justified if you consider that it is pure coincidence that you get a matching OEM shaft at the end of the day. With original shafts we leave nothing to chance.

It’s your choice

No one is stopping anyone from continuing to play the clubs of the major Western manufacturers. And we also have to say that not all major manufacturers are equal in this respect. But we at us.ExactGolf want to make sure that you have the right clubs for your game. Our golfing life is too short and our time is too valuable to spend it with clubs we don’t play well with.

So we are always at your disposal to find the clubs that suit you best. Either through email: info@us.exactgolf.com or phone: +(248) 709-6417

We can also only suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter. We will regularly inform you about new products or tests we have conducted. You will receive insights and get to know the background of our daily work better. In this way you lay the foundation for better golf. Or at least for a game where you are responsible for your own performance and not your clubs…

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The team behind ExactGolf

Trevor Parkinson: Master Clubmaker and Golf Professional

Trevors What’s in the Bag 2021

Driver: Miura SIT with Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S 9.0° Loft
Wood: Honma TW747 3 wood with Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S
Hybrid: Miura 3 with Fujikura Motore 80g S 20° Loft

Irons: 4-PW Miura MB101 with Fujikura Pro 75g S-Flex

Wedges: 52° Miura Blank Custom Grind
56° Miura Blank Custom Grind
60° Miura Blank Custom Grind
all with Nippon Super Preening Blue XS-Flex

Trevor at work
Jonas Weiss: Clubmaking and Fitting Expert for Europe, Handicap 3.8

Jonas’ What’s in the Bag 2021:


  • Honma TW747 FD 60 X-Flex with 9.5° Loft


  • Honma TW747 3 wood with Graphite Design Di 70 S-Flex


  • Honma TW747 Driving Iron with Modus 105 S-Flex bent to 17°
  • 4-6 Miura TC-201 with Shimada VWS90 in S/X-Flex
  • 7 – PW Miura MB-001 with Shimada VWS90 in S/X-Flex


  • 48° Vega 02 Satin
  • 52° Miura Raw Black
  • 56° Miura Raw Black
  • all with Modus 115
Florian Achenbach: Marketing, Distribution and Customer Support, Handicap 4.3

Florians What’s in the Bag 2021:


  • Honma TW747 455 Driver, 9.5°, Vizard FP-7X


  • Honma TR21 Fairway Wood #4, Vizard FP-8X


  • Honma TW747 Driving Iron, Fujikura Ventus HB Blue 9X
  • 4-PW Miura CB-1008, Shimada Pro X-Flex


  • 50°, 54° and 58° Mizuno T-20 with Nippon Modus 125

Our favourite Japanese Clubs

Miuras Tour Cavity Irons – In our opinion the best Cavity Back Iron at the moment.
Honmas TR20 Driver 460cc – Highly versatile with the popular Vizard Shaft options. The weight screws allow to adjust launch, spin and draw tendency easily.
Honma Beres 2020 – Brand new and better than ever. Still no other club that compares with a Beres. The best clubs for slower swing speeds, lower swing weights and lighter shafts.